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Newsletter - March 2018

Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter.

Storm Emma has been sweeping across Europe and I hope you haven't been affected too badly. In Alicante we have has a bit of rain and it's been a bit chilly, but we have avoided the gales, blizzards and snow that has swept across just about everywhere else. So, keep warm and I hope you don't get any flooding when the snow starts to melt.

Mobile World Congress and just finished in Barcelona. The star of the show was the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ with their super duper cameras, and nothing else got much of a look in really. Many of the other manufacturers actually decided to pospone the launch of their new handsets because they knew that everyone would only be talking about Samsung. If you are interested in the products that were announced at MWC the highlights are available here.

Microsoft are putting the finishing touches to the next version of Windows 10 which is due to be released in April. I'll let you know the details of all the new stuff included in this update next month.

I thought this month that I would talk a little bit about mobile and internet providers. I am what I would describe as a very light phone user. Most of my calls are made through Skype or WhatsApp, I never use my landline, but I use the internet all the time. Where I live I can only get a reliable mobile signal on the Movistar network, so I have been using them as my only provider for everything for years. Their service has been basically 100% perfect for me for years, so the thought of changing to someone else was simply unthinkable. However, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Movistar to provide fibre optic broadband in my area for years. After that latest price rise, with more free gigabytes of data that I will never use, I decided it was time to shop around and see if I could do better elsewhere. I knew that there were several local internet providers that provide fibre optic in my urbanización, so I knew that I could improve my internet connection easily. The problem area for me would be mobile phone service.

So, I was absolutely delighted when I discovered Tuenti. They are a Telefonica owned company, just like Movistar. They use the Movistar network for mobile and internet but are much cheaper. Their mobile service is very interesting because you can use their digital voice app (android and iOS) to make free phone calls to mobiles and landlines, but it's not just Spanish phone numbers. They have a list of all the countries you can call for free on their website, but it basically includes Europe and USA plus others! You simply choose a monthly data package and you get this free call deal included. You calls through the app don't even use up the data in your data package. Sounds too good to be true? No, it's true. I have been using Tuenti for that last six weeks and it is excellent. You can change your data package whenever you want, so you can increase or decrease it simply by clicking a few button in their app. If you make a lot of international phone calls to family and friends, especially to mobiles, you should take a look because you could save a load of money. As for internet, they offer (Movistar) fibre optic internet cheaper than Movistar. So, if you are in am area that offer Movistar fibre, and I know that a lot of you do, I recommend you look at the fibre packages from Tuenti. As an example, they offer 300Mb fibre plus a mobile service with 3GB data (and free calls through the app) for just €50 a month including IVA. You can take your phone numbers with you (portability) and you even keep exactly the same Movistar fibre optic router (no engineer required).

Me? I changed to Tuenti for mobile for €10 a month and 300Mb fibre from my local provider for €25 a month, saving myself €25 a month, and I couldn't be happier. Plus I am getting free international phone calls to my family and friends mobiles in the UK plus an upgrade from 10MB adsl internet to lightning fast 300Mb fibre optic internet, what's not to like! Maybe now is the time for you to take a look to see if you can get a better deal for you internet and phone service.

Have a great month.

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