Friday 20th March 2020

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Hello and welcome.

Firstly I hope this finds you healthy and well. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is rapidly spreading around the world and we are all having to take precautions to stay safe. Here in Spain we are in full lock-down and can only leave our homes to get food shopping, go to the pharmacy, go to work, or take the dog for a walk. All the cafes, bars, restaurants, schools and shops are closed, and have been for a week now. So far these measures don’t seem to be having much of an effect as the virus is still spreading rapidly, but perhaps it’s still early days. These types of restrictions are starting to be implemented around the world, and for good reason, so I urge you to comply with the restrictions wherever you are.

Whilst the virus appears to be much more severe for the older population, don’t make the mistake thinking that you will be fine if you are younger. We can all be infected by this virus, and because it spreads very easily, we can give it to others, so keeping your distance from other people is important. However all this self isolating can become quite stressful, particularly for people who live alone. If you have friends and relatives on there own, regularly phone them or use whatsapp, Skype or facetime to keep in touch and make sure they are ok. A regular ten minute call can make all the difference to them and keep them in good spirits.

If / when you are stuck in your house under lock-down and the television is doing your head in with non-stop coronavirus programs, treat yourself to a 1 month subscription to Netflix or something. Don’t worry, most of the movies and TV shows on Netflix Spain allow you to change the audio to English, or failing that have English subtitles, so you can while away plenty of time and relieve the boredom watching that! Most laptops will have an HDMI connector so you can connect them to your television and watch stuff in comfort on your big TV.

There is no technology news today, because quite frankly none of that matters at the moment. Indeed I probably won’t be sending out newsletters until the situation improves. I would however just like to remind you that even though I can’t visit you to fix your computer problems at the moment, I can probably fix them remotely. So if your computer or laptop is playing up, visit my remote support page for more information, or just give me a call.

Follow the government advise (through gritted teeth if necessary) and fingers crossed things will slowly start to return to normal.

I hope you all keep healthy and stay safe.

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