Sunday 1st November 2020

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Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter.

Would you believe it, it’s November already. Having said that, this year seems to have absolutely dragged on and on with all this endless covid tosh. Next week we have the American elections to look forward to. Trump or Biden, who knows? Personally I would lean towards Trump, solely because he is a businessman and (pre-covid) he did wonders rebuilding the American economy after Obama. Joe Biden on the other hand seems to be a borderline dementia / senility sufferer and there is only one way that goes, downhill. A bit like Nancy Pelosi really, but don’t get me started on that 80 year old witch.. Whatever happens it will at least take our minds (and TV news bulletins) off the convids temporarily.

Coronavirus continues to cause chaos as the second wave takes hold. We are all in a panic because infection rates are high and rising, compared to March / April during the first wave. Ignore that fact that we were doing 90% less testing in March, that’s obviously not important. Don’t pay attention to the covid death rates between now and March either, because they are much lower now than during the first wave. Obviously they are trying to ‘fix’ that by reporting a death for any reason within 28 days of a positive covid test as a death from coronavirus. The ICU’s are very busy now (as they always are at this time of year) so quite rightly the hospitals are once again turning into the covid health service, so tough luck if you have anything else non-covid wrong with you. You won’t get your cancer / heart problem or anything else diagnosed and treated until it’s too late and you will probably die. Why aren’t they putting all covid patients into the specially built covid hospitals like the Nightingale hospitals, and letting all the other hospitals operate as normal? This is an absolute scandal.

(Written 29 November 2020)

Lockdowns, well, where do we start? Local, regional, national, circuit brake, fire break, different tiers of lockdown, god it’s endless. France into full lockdown and Germany into lockdown-lite. Spain are expected to follow suit and probably every other country too. We know the lockdowns don’t work. They didn’t work the last time, so why would they work now? It’s just basically pressing ‘pause’ on the virus and it will come back once lockdown is ended. They change the ‘rules’ every five minutes, with very little evidence that these draconian measures actually make a big difference, and nobody knows from day to day what they can or cannot do. The Police are now there to just fine people for breaking covid rules, never mind about any other crimes because they don’t matter now. If you are in Spain you can look at this website to keep up to date with what the latest details of curfews and restrictions in each region. For example, there will be no popping down to Ikea in Murcia for a while because the government of Murcia announced that has closed the perimeter of the entire region, as well as all municipalities, from midnight last Thursday. Incredible! Whilst we in Europe are seemingly determined to destroy what’s left of our businesses and economy with more restrictions and lockdowns, Meanwhile, China is back to normal and their economy is booming. What on earth is going on? Anyway, if you are in Spain and your computer is a bit wonky, call me as soon as possible to get it fixed before we go into lockdown. The last lockdown, which was supposed to be for two weeks, ended up going on for three months. Don’t leave it too late, call me.

Ok enough of this depressing tosh. Here is a little video that will cheer you up and give you a laugh. Sooty and Sweep with a very young looking Bobby Davro. You’re welcome!

A few things to tell you about this month. The new Windows 10 feature update is slowly rolling out now. If you are running and older version of Windows, and Windows Update is not offering you the new version, then take a look at this which will explain how you can upgrade to the latest version manually.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, why? Well this month a lot of websites, when opened in Internet Explorer, will instead open in the new Microsoft Edge browser. Don’t worry, you haven’t got a virus or anything, it’s just Microsoft encouraging you to stop using Internet Explorer. You can read all about it here.

Black Friday is coming on 27 November. If you are thinking about getting a new bargain laptop, phone or computer then you might be a bit disappointed. If it’s anything like the Amazon Prime Day sales last month, it will be absolutely rubbish. I have been after a new laptop / 2 in 1 device to replace my 13 year old laptop and have seen nothing in the sales I would waste my cash on! We will have to wait and see.

Last month my car broke down. Well, it didn’t break down, I managed to completely pull the gear stick off / out whilst driving along. Who knew I was so strong?! Anyway, I called Steve the mobile mechanic and he came and sorted it all out for me. I have used Steve before when my battery died about 10 years ago, so I can tell you from personal experience that he turns up quickly, does a good job and is a nice bloke. So if you have car problems or just need your car servicing, you can contact Steve on 610 004 698.

If you’ve made it this far then well done. I am even boring myself now, so I’m off to put on a new face mask, wash my hand in sanitizer and gargle for 5 minutes with Campari.

That’s it for this month. Keep well, and have a great month.


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