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Computer Health Check

My 7 point Health Check will make sure you are fully protected when you are on the internet. I will clean up all the clutter and temporary files, to help speed everything up . I will also clean up all the programs that automatically start up when you switch the computer on. There are lots of them, many of which you really don’t need, and this will make the computer start up faster and make the computer more responsive when you are using it.

  1. Anti Virus - I will check you have sufficient antivirus software protection, and install protection if required. This will stop your computer getting infected with a virus.
  2. Firewall - I will check your computer has adequate firewall protection, and install protection if necessary, to prevent people from accessing your computer through the internet.
  3. Spyware - I will check your spyware / malware protection, and install protection if necessary. This will prevent people spying on what you do when you are on the internet.
  4. Disk Cleanup - I will clean away all the temporary files, junk and clutter that help to slow your computer down when you are using it.
  5. Startup Cleanup - I will remove the programs you don’t need, which automatically run every time you switch the computer on. This will improve the startup speed, and help make the computer more responsive.
  6. Windows Updates - I will check that your computer is setup to receive all the windows updates correctly, and that you have all the latest windows updates you need.
  7. Clean and Polish - I will clean your computer, keyboard and screen, to make it look as good as new. It doesn’t make it run any faster, but it makes the computer look nice!

And how much does this service cost? Just €45 - for everything.

Peace of mind shouldn't and doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Please contact me and we will arrange a convenient appointment.