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Upgrades to speed up your computer

Over time, computers can gradually get slower, it just happens. Once you start adding anti-virus software, spyware protection, and Windows Updates, your once speedy computer can seem rather slow. My health check service will help to regain the speed your computer has lost over time. Amongst other things, I will remove all the temporary and junk files that naturally accumulate over time, and clean up the programs that automatically start every time you switch the computer on. This will speed things up. If your computer is infected with viruses or spyware, this will almost certainly slow your computer down. My Health check will make sure your computer is not infected, and provides any necessary anti virus, spyware and firewall protection if required. If your computer is clean and it’s not virus infected but still runs slowly, the chances are that there may be simple and cost-effective ways to boost the speed of your computer.

Upgrading your computer’s memory, disk or processor will help.

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You can add more memory, replace the hard disk, and possibly upgrade the processor. A tell-tale sign that you do not have enough memory installed in your computer is to watch the disk drive activity light, and see what it is doing when the computer seems sluggish and slow. Virtually all computers have a disk drive light. There is a symbol next to the light, sometimes like a stack of dinner plates, take a look. If that light is on solidly, rather than flickering or occasionally flashing, that most probably indicates a lack of system memory. Adding additional memory to your computer is a very cost-effective way of speeding your computer up.

If your computer is over 5 years old, your computer may possibly benefit from having the original disk drive replaced with a new latest-technology disk drive. As with everything to do with computers, the technology and speed is always improving and increasing. If you can read and write data to the disk 2 or 3 times faster, it’s going to obviously speed things up. Another benefit is that the capacity of a new disk drive will be significantly larger than your old one, so you will have loads of extra room available to store things.

If your computer is running Windows Vista or later, and you don’t need a lot of disk space, there is another alternative. You can replace your slow disk drive with an SSD. This is a Solid State Disk. There are no moving parts, just electronics, and these devices are seriously fast. Your computer will start up in seconds and will run as fast as the processor can go. The capacity of these SSD devices is rather lower than that of a new disk drive, and they generally cost about the same price, but if you don’t need lots of disk space they are brilliant and I highly recommend them. The only drawback to changing your disk drive is that you have the challenge of transferring the contents of your old disk to the new disk. Don’t worry, I offer a full disk copying and data transfer service and can help you with that.

Regarding processor upgrades, this is an option, but not necessarily the best or most cost effective way to get more speed. You will be limited in the range of processors you can actually fit in your computer, processors are actually quite expensive, and the speed increase may not necessarily be as significant as you had hoped. If you are thinking about a processor upgrade, please contact me and I will be happy to advice you about whether it is a good option for your computer or not.

So, whether you have a laptop, netbook, notebook or desktop computer, I can upgrade your computer’s memory, disk, or even processor to get the maximum performance out of your system. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further help and advice.