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Web And Design Services For Small Business

Having a presence on the internet is quite frankly essential for virtually every business today. It is a relatively speaking low cost way to advertise and promote your business 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. With the huge growth of affordable internet access, more and more people (prospective customers) search on the internet for local businesses and services every day. If you don’t have a website, you may well be missing out on this growing source of potential customers and revenue.

Depending on your business, you don’t necessarily need a huge, complicated and elaborate website that costs a fortune. At the simplest level, a small website which describes what your business offers, where your customers can find you, and how your customers can contact you may be enough. You can also add your website address to your normal marketing, publicity and advertising material. A larger website may be more appropriate for some businesses, allowing you to tell your customers in more detail about your business and what you have to offer. If you are selling products or services which change regularly, a website linked to a database will allow you to update your ‘stock list’ instantly, whenever and as often as you need. The future of the web is tablet and mobile devices. Therefore it is important that your website is tablet and smartphone friendly. If not, you may have potentially lost a client or a sale.

There are two things that are absolutely vital about a website. Firstly, it’s not much use having a website if nobody can find it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is absolutely essential to ensure that when people are searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo, it’s your site that pops up towards the top of the search results list. Human nature tells us that people don’t trawl through pages and pages of search results to find your site, it’s got to be on the first two pages. Secondly, your website should be fast and eye catching. If you have a professional good-looking site, visitors are more likely to stay and explore your website, rather than leaving to look at another site.

I only design bespoke websites, each one unique. I use the latest web technologies to ensure that your website is fast and visually stands out from the crowd. Colour schemes, logos, animations and navigation are all designed specifically for your site. I design both static and database driven websites with full content management. I can include e-commerce and payment systems, booking and reservation systems. Of course, I also optimise all my sites so that all the major search engines index and rank my sites high up in the search results list.

I offer a professional, friendly and personal service to all my clients. My website design services are cost-effective and affordable. After the initial investment in your website, ongoing running costs are low, and I can perform updates and enhancements to your site, if and when you need.

So if you have a website that needs modernising, or you need a site creating for your business, please contact me. I will be happy to help.